Why SONspots?

In astronomy, sunspots are areas on the Sun's surface marked by intense magnetic activity, forming areas of reduced surface temperature. A sunspot can be visible worldwide with the naked eye as a literal spot on the sun.
We pray that our radio messages will be noticed in the same way. That these messages will stand out in busy and preoccupied lives as a glimpse of something different. A glimpse of the SON and his gospel.

We want these short radio SPOTS to point to the SON, and his good news to be noticed by the world as something different and unique. Like a sunspot on the surface of the sun.

Evangelism Spots

Our 60 second Evangelism SONspots are played in English and Spanish across the United States and in many foreign countries. These 60 second Evangelism SONpots have been used for thirty years to present a vignette of life – two people talking about a problem which is common to many who listen. A seed of God’s truth in shared how Jesus Christ is the answer to the problem under discussion.
These short and concise messages are broadcast on thousands of primarily secular radio stations, and they sow the seeds of absolute, eternal truth which have caused many to contemplate their plight and need.

A second benefit of these spots has been discovered. Many Christians are challenged to grow. Some become aware of daily opportunities to share the Good News about Jesus, while others gain insight and help in some area of their Christian life.
Evangelism SONspots are broadcast in English and Spanish...
SONspots evangelism broadcast map
These creative messages are also translated into the Spanish language and distributed to many Hispanic stations in the U. S. as well as several foreign countries.

5 Minute SONspots

5 Minute SONspots are currently played in English in at least 50 cities in the United States and overseas. These messages are played on a variety of stations both in the United States as well as around the world.

Each of these accessible messages is presented in one of several formats on typically christian radio stations:
  1. Easily understood Bible Studies
  2. Interviews that share what God is doing in the lives of individuals as well as through Christian ministries
  3. Seasonal or topical special programs
5-Minute SONspots are solid and accessible biblical instruction...
5 Minute SONspots broadcast map
A major focus of our 5 Minute SONspots is a study of some topic from the Bible. We are aware that throughout history many of the notable people have lives their lives by guidance of God’s word as found in the Bible. The understanding and application of Bible principles in our lives is a great positive force toward morality, character and positive production.

From time to time we present the life report from a person who has been blessed and changed by the Lord Jesus Christ. God works in such unique ways in each of our lives, and each of these interview programs gives insight how one particular person has experienced God’s grace and power.
Other interviews can be with missionaries or other individuals in ministry service sharing what God is doing in that particular ministry.

Occasionally we will play other special programs that may be related to the current holiday season, or that might just share a short story, letter, or a specific Bible passage.