History of SONlight

In the fall of 1976 a group of business men, who were greatly concerned for the moral and spiritual fiber of the people of our nation, began to explore how they could serve as a part of a positive solution to these problems.

After much research and prayer they founded SONlight as a radio ministry dedicated and committed to present positive solutions to the kind of problems which people face each day of life. They found that many in our society have discovered that wealth and leisure do not guarantee a life of meaning and purpose. Our personal experience is that a relationship with Jesus Christ changes life, attitudes and the way we relate to other people.
In January 1977 we began broadcasting on one radio station. Since that time the Lord has expanded the outreach in a marvelous way. We now produce and distribute two basic radio programs in a few different styles.

How are Christians to share the Good News with people of society who are oblivious to the Lord, yet who are in their own way seeking to satisfy that haunting sense of need for fulfillment which God has instilled within each human being?

Most evangelistic efforts invite the outsiders to come onto our turf in order to hear the good-news. SONlight was directed by the Lord to place short, penetrating seeds of the gospel on radio where many outsiders listen. This is the group which actively avoids any “religious type” broadcasts.

The Lord, in His love and mercy has founded SONlight for this purpose. We seek to invade the time and space of these people in such a way that the seed is sown without provoking the resistance and self-defense factors.
These 60 second Evangelism SONpots have been used for thirty years to present a vignette of life – two people talking about a problem which is common to many who listen. A seed of God’s truth in shared how Jesus Christ is the answer to the problem under discussion. These messages sow the seeds of absolute, eternal truth which have caused many to contemplate their plight and need.

A second benefit of these spots has been discovered. Many Christians are challenged to grow. Some become aware of daily opportunities to share the Good News about Jesus, while others gain insight and help in some area of their Christian life.

These creative messages are also translated into the Spanish language and distributed to many Hispanic stations in the U. S. as well as several foreign countries.

Our 5 Minute SONspots come in two forms:
  • From time to time we present the life report from a person who has been blessed and changed by the Lord Jesus Christ. God works in such unique ways in each of our lives, and each of these interview programs gives insight how one particular person has experienced God’s grace and power.
  • A major focus of our 5 Minute SONspots is the study of the Bible. We are aware that throughout history many of the notable people have lived their lives by the guidance of God’s word as found in the Bible. The understanding and application of Bible principles in our lives is a great positive force toward morality, character and positive production.