SONspot Broadcast Locations

These are the locations where SONlight's SONspots are played. Check each map to see a break down of where our radio messages are broadcast. If you do not see a participating station in your area, please suggest to us which of your local stations we should contact about playing these spots.

Evangelism SONspots

Our 60 second Evangelism SONspots are played in English and Spanish across the United States and in many foreign countries. These short and concise messages are broadcast on thousands of primarily secular radio stations.

Each spot presents a regular conversation between two people. One of these people shares with the other how an active relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ is the answer to whatever the current discussion is about.
Evangelism SONspots are broadcast in English and Spanish...
Evangelism SONspot broadcast map

5 Minute SONspots

5 Minute SONspots are currently played in English in at least 50 cities in the United States and overseas. These messages are played on a variety of stations both in the United States as well as around the world.

Each of these accessible messages is presented in one of several formats on typically christian radio stations:
  1. Easily understood Bible Studies
  2. Interviews that share what God is doing in the lives of individuals as well as through Christian ministries
  3. Seasonal or topical special programs
5-Minute SONspots are solid and accessible Biblical instruction...
5 Minute SONspot broadcast map