Pauline Tate

Portrait of Pauline and Harold Tate
Pauline and Harold Tate
Pauline Tate is the wife of Harold Tate and served alongside of him with SONlight for many many years. She was a beloved mother, grandmother, wife, and to all who knew her she was Mama Tate.

Pauline had a radiant countenance and was always full of life. Her joy and enthusiasm were contagious, and she was well known for her caring and concern for others.

No matter who she met, she sought to share the Joy of the Lord with them.
Pauline passed away on August 27th at 2:30am, and she will be missed by her loving family and friends. To honor her memory and to celebrate her long anticipated arrival in Heaven, her family gave her a non-traditional memorial service.

On September 3rd she was given a "Change of Address Party"

There were balloons and fun banners, bright colors, and joyous remembrance of Mama Tate. We estimate that over 500 people were at the service and the testimonies shared were a confirmation that the Lord used Pauline her entire life to make a difference in the lives of countless people.

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here, though we recommend that if you want to watch the service, you should download it (794MB).

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