In Memoriam - Harold Tate

Portrait of Pauline and Harold Tate
Pauline and Harold Tate
Harold Tate, went to be with the Lord August 1, 2012 at the age of 87. His full life is a testimony to the Lord’s Kingdom with 35 years of broadcasting, over 60 years of Sunday school teaching, and 20 years of teaching high school – Harold loved to teach and serve the Lord telling others about the Good News of Christ.

On August 18, 2012 he was given a "Change of Address Party"

There were balloons, fun banners, and joyous remembrance of Harold Tate. Hundreds of people were at the service and the testimonies shared were a confirmation that the Lord used Harold's to change the lives of many people.

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Henry Harold Tate was born February 25, 1925 in the town of Jacksboro, TX. He lived most of his life in Houston married to “his bride” Pauline of 64 years. Together they raised six children and knew and adored their fourteen grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren.

Harold made his debut in radio with “Carpool” a popular drive-time show in the Gulf Coast area that he aired with longtime friend Ralph Neighbor. From here, Harold and a few other men caught a vision for broadcasting the love of Christ through SONlight.

As the era of SONlight progressed, Harold frequented the airwaves through the programs Lifestyles, Eterna Luz, 5 minutes of SONlight, and 60 second SONspots.

Harold Tate invested his life in the field of education. After twenty-five years in the field of secular education, his office changed to the field of Christian education where he has served in many different capacities for more than thirty-five years.

His primary secular classroom experience was in giving attention to high school students in the academic fields of mathematics and science. Relationships with the students were most important, and there was a strong emphasis on building character for living life.

Experienced in the field of Christian Education included teaching the word of God in small groups as well as Sunday School classes. It also included thirty-five years of experience in teaching on radio. These experiences included teaching the various books of the Bible, and topical lessons to a radio audience, as well as interviewing many Christians regarding their pilgrimage through their Christian experience.

His life remains a testimony to us all as we seek to serve, teach, and reach the world for Christ

Christian Witness

(in his own words)

At the age of 8, my mother explained to me how much Jesus loved me. She explained how I could have a personal relationship with Trinity God through an active faith in Jesus Christ. With leadership and guidance she conducted this pilgrimage and I became a child of God that afternoon.

This family was active in church, and I was taught Bible truths and principles in church and at home. The Lord has been very personal in my life, and has guided and directed me in many decisions; and protected me in many dangers.

I accept the Bible as God's message to humanity, divinely inspired without error or apology. Throughout my life the Lord has shown his mighty power in many ways. He has shown that he always keeps his promises, and we should never doubt future fulfillment of every prophecy made by him. His knowledge and power allows every prediction to be meticulously fulfilled within his time schedule. I am sure that I am headed for a glorious eternity in the heavenly kingdom, and the trip has already begun.

He has chosen me to teach his truths, and to emphasize his love to many people. My prayer is that he will work in and through me to accomplish his purpose, and that I will be faithful to trust and serve him just as he leads. Of course, he is to receive all the credit and praise for anything that is accomplished through my life and the ministry of SONlight.

We are convinced that the Bible has the answer for every question that appears in life; and that our calling upon the Lord will bring understanding and enlightenment as needed for us to follow his directions. Our major responsibility is to obey his instruction, and to follow his leadership. In this atmosphere his loving grace is continually bringing blessings into our life.
In addition to his professional background, Harold served in the following capacities:

Harold was also active in a number of local church in the areas in which they have resided. He has served in various mission efforts through these churches;
  • Bible teacher
  • deacon
  • elder
  • chairman of the elders for two terms
  • Ordained and served as Associate Pastor