5 Minute SONspot Interviews

SONlight's 5 Minute SONspot interviews intend to show how God is working in an individual's life or that of a particular ministry. The interview might be of a testimony of salvation, or of how God has moved in a life in a significant way.

The goal is to show our listeners how God is working and to provide encouraging words from the spiritual experiences of others. Everyone has a story to tell, and we seek to share the powerful stories of those who have been particularly affected by the work of God and his word.
Adult dancer saved by grace

Personal Interviews

On our website we present a selection of some of these interviews along with a written brief summary/biography. Each of these shows how the work of God has changed a life.

It can be so encouraging to hear how a life has been radically turned around by the power of God. These messages can also serve to demonstrate how God works in our lives. This knowledge can then open our eyes to be more aware of what is being done in our own lives.

Associated Ministry Updates

Often these interviews are with someone who works for a specific ministry or serves the Lord in some other official capacity. In these cases we will try to portray not only the story of the individual, but also that of the work of the ministry.

This can be beneficial in a number of ways. On a very basic level, people get to hear about the work that is being done by the ministry. The ministry gets free publicity, and can increase exposure to the work that is being done. This publicity can generate website traffic or even donations and volunteer support. In the case of small ministries, this free publicity can be very important as word of the work and existence of the ministry can help other believers get more involved with the ministry.

Do you have a story to tell?

If you think that your testimony could be beneficial for others to hear, or if you work with a ministry or missions organization, and would like to share what God is doing in this ministry, please contact us.

Perhaps we could record your story to go out to all of our radio stations, and possibly include a short bio on our website.
Finding a purpose - Rick Leatherwood