Support SONlight with Prayer

It is so important to our mission and work to be supported with prayer.

SONlight's ministry is dependent on the support of individuals both financially and spiritually. We are unable to serve the Lord effectively without the constant prayers of our supporters and partners.

Use this page as a brief overview in how to pray for SONlight. We also distribute a monthly prayer list of needs within SONlight and within our body of supporters. If you would like to receive this list, please contact us.

Daily Updates and Prayer Requests

The daily updates are prayer requests, as well as a short devotional or update that our Executive Director, David Tate, writes each day.

They might be some insight into his family life, or what he is studying in scripture, or even just a short update on what is happening at SONlight. They are the email version of the SONlight Blog.

If you want to really stay connected to SONlight and to David, this is a great start.

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Pray for the Messages

Each one of our messages is sent out with the hope and prayer that it will speak to people around the world and help them come to a right relationship with God.

Please pray that our messages would be effective in communicating Truth, and the Gospel of Jesus.

Pray for our Growth

We are trying to reach out to a darkened world with the Light of Jesus Christ, and our needs are great as we move into a new period of growth. We are seeking to spread our messages of teaching and evangelism into the world in a broader and more expansive way.

We want more people to learn and be confronted by the truth of God. We desire to have these messages broadcast in all of the major English speaking areas around the world.

Please pray that the Lord would expand the reach of SONlight's messages.

Pray for the Future of SONlight

SONlight is in the midst of a big transition. We are moving into a more modern era, and are trying to utilize new avenues of reaching people with our messages of hope and salvation.

We are also coming into a period of time where our Executive Director of 32 years is needing to gradually step back and let others come on to fill in. The Lord has been working in this area, but we are not through it yet.

Please pray that God would ease this transition and provide seamlessly during this period.

Pray for Financial Provision

David Tate has joined us full-time as Associate Director to help move SONlight forward into what the Lord is calling us to do. David is stepping out on faith in the Lord's provision in full-time service here at SONlight.

He has a wife and three kids, and is the only source of income for his family. They are serving in faith that the Lord will provide through SONlight what they need.

Other financial needs are important also, but this is the most pressing financial need at the moment.

Please pray that God will provide the funds necessary for David and his family in full-time service here at SONlight.