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We provide three different levels of engagement, depending on how connected you want to stay with everything that is going on here.


Daily Updates with Prayer

The daily updates are prayer requests, as well as a short devotional or update that our Executive Director, David Tate, writes each day.

They might be some insight into his family life, or what he is studying in scripture, or even just a short update on what is happening at SONlight. They are the email version of the
SONlight Blog

If you want to really stay connected to SONlight and to David, this is a great start.

Weekly Prayer

The weekly update are the same prayer requests that are shared in the daily updates, but they don't have any of the writing that comes in the daily updates, and they are only sent out once a week.

This is a great companion to the newsletter, but provides more timely prayer requests without the pressure of reading
daily updates.

Also enter your email address here if you want to subscribe to the 5 Minute SONspots bible-studies and interviews by email. You will be updated when each program (or blog posting) is available online:

Monthly Newsletter

We have sent out monthly newsletters for years, and our monthly updates are just the email equivalent of that update.

If you just want a periodical update, then this is for you.