7545 - A New Beginning

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Today marks a new beginning for many people. Let me share a true story and as you listen consider what God can accomplish in a life.

These words are from a story by Paul Deutschman as found in the book Great Stories Remembered, published by Focus on the Family.

Traveling a New York subway I was struck by the features of the passenger on my left. He was probably in his late 30’s, and when he glanced up, his eyes seemed to have a hurt expression in them. He was reading a Hungarian-language newspaper, and something prompted me to say in Hungarian, “I hope you don’t mind if I glance at your paper.”

The man seemed surprised to be addressed in his native language. But he answered politely, “You may read it now. I’ll have time later on.”

During the half-hour ride to town, we had quite a conversation. He said his name was Bela Paskin. A law student when World War II started, he had been put into a German labor battalion, and later he was captured by the Russians and put to work burying the German dead. After the war, he returned to his home in a large city in eastern Hungary.

When he went to the family apartment he found strangers living there. Then he went to the apartment that he and his wife once had. It also was occupied by strangers.

As he was leaving, full of sadness, a boy ran after him calling “Uncle Paskin.” The child was the son of a former neighbor of his. He went to the boy’s home and was told that his wife and whole family was taken by the Nazis to Auschwitz.
Auschwitz was one of the worst Nazi concentration camps. Paskin gave up all hope. Too heartsick to remain any longer in Hungary he managed to immigrate to the United States just three months before I met him.
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7502 - Who's in Control

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For a large number of people on earth there is one primary question which haunts their mind: Who’s in control? How many times have you heard someone ask, “Who’s in charge here?” Within the inner drive there is a great desire to know that things are in good hands.

On the spiritual level that same primary question haunts men’s mind for an answer to the meaning of life. In their hearts they are asking: “Who is going to protect my family?”; “Who is going to provide for us?”: Who is going to make us happy?”; or “Who is going to give fulfillment in my life?
God has already answered these questions, if we will but listen to Him. We find in Psalms (138:8): “The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me...” and Jeremiah (10:23) states: “I know, O Lord, that a man’s life is not his own; it is not for man to direct his steps.”
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