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Polishing SONlight's Sound

One of the things that I have been interested in doing for some months has been to approach KSBJ about playing our 5-minute SONspot messages. It has always been an intimidating prospect, because KSBJ is such a well done and well known Houston radio station. They are frequently winning awards, and they are well known around the world as being one of the premier Christian radio stations.

I have wanted for some time to update the SONlight sound a bit to give it a more contemporary feeling before I approached KSBJ. I felt that for them to want to play our messages we would need to be sure that our messages were well polished and sounding their best. A little like getting a new haircut and shaving before a really crucial job interview.

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7589 - David Tate - A Year of Service

This message marks my one-year anniversary of full-time ministry with SONlight.

Exactly one year ago, my wife and I began a new and exciting journey in coming here to SONlight.

I thought that in remembrance I would share a bit of testimony about how the Lord has worked in my life and brought me to serve him here at SONlight full time.

My History (read my bio)
Let me back up a few years first. In 2001 I was a fresh graduate from Houston Baptist University with a degree in Business and Speech Communications. I graduated magna cum laude with a great GPA and a good amount of business experience, but I had the hardest time finding a job.

It was a very stressful time, and it was made even harder because I was engaged to be married only a few short months later. Well, I had a few interviews, but nothing really came through until finally I found a job with a computer company doing phone tech support. That job came at the last moment, I started the Monday before our wedding. Just 5 days before I would need to provide for a wife, who was still in school, the Lord provided a job.

In 2005 though, the Lord really began to make it clear that I would be working at SONlight in the future. I started part time in 2005 as the Technical Director and took care of a lot of the behind the scenes needs here at SONlight for several years.

This was a very difficult time for me as I was working full-time during the day, working evenings at SONlight, and then working evenings and weekends as a wedding photographer to help make ends meet in my families budget. It was hard to work three jobs and still be involved with my three young sons, and serve at church.

We struggled and felt lost. I felt like I was in a dead-end job as I had not gotten promoted or received a substantial raise or anything like that. But the Lord always provided, and He was always in control.

Finally last year, 2009, after we had begun to take some positive steps as a family and really get in tune with what God wanted from us He prepared us for what he had next.

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7588 - SONlight Update

Since 1977 SONlight has been sharing the gospel and biblical teaching by radio.

Today we will depart from our usual format of bible studies and interviews to bring you an update on this ministry.

SONlight Overview
SONlight began in January of 1977 with the goal of reaching the many hurting and lost people in the world with the good news of the salvation of Jesus Christ through 60 second radio spots. In each of these radio spots the Gospel is shared through a short conversation between two people. These conversations are about every day life events, and each one shares the need for the salvation of Christ and God’s love for us.

Initially these messages were broadcast on just a handful of stations, but all these years later, these 60-Second SONspot messages are played on nearly 1600 traditional radio stations in English and Spanish. About 85% of the stations are non-christian formats.

We estimate that these Gospel presentations are broadcast through radio waves over half a million times every year. With a combined radio time of over 9000 hours annually. And this does not even consider the thousands of internet radio stations that play our messages, many of them as often as once an hour.

5-Minute SONspot Programs
Over the years we have also had a couple of different formats of longer messages. The program you are listening to now is our longer 5-Minute SONspot program. This program is played on over 60 stations and is comprised of Bible-studies and interviews.

The 5-minute Bible-studies strictly follow scripture and as we are now in Luke, that means that we consider each passage in order without skipping around. Each of these Bible studies are also archived on our website ,, in both audio and text formats in case you might want to listen again, or if you missed a message in the series.

Each of the interviews might be with anyone from a layperson with an inspiring testimony, someone in ministry describing the work they are doing and sharing how the Lord is moving in their area. We try to use this 5-minute program as an opportunity to help these individuals share with a wide audience, what the Lord has placed on their heart.

These two types of messages are played in all 50 US states and in over 20 foreign countries.

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Getting SONlight in the Sunlight - Day 3

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Today I attended the Keenager & Missionary Fellowship Luncheon at BridgePoint Bible Church as part of their missions week. (I will be at other events there on Saturday morning, Sunday morning, and Sunday evening.)

It was an enjoyable time of fellowship and sharing, and each of the missionaries and associated ministries was able to share about their ministry and what has happened in their lives and family over the past year. I got to hear a lot of fantastic accounts from missionaries from around the world: Scott Ulrich, Robin Ulrich, and Leah were there and shared about their respective ministries.

I shared about what the Lord has been doing at SONlight over the last year. The ways in which God brought me to SONlight, and in turn a various few of the improvements that I have been making and the ways in which SONlight has grown. I also talked about my 21 day pursuit of financial support and asked for their prayers, and support in that.

Then during the fellowship I had some great conversations with a number of people about SONlight, and got to share one on one with quite a few people. One of the ones I talked to was Dan Walsh, and he came up with the snappy title of today’s post: Getting SONlight in the Sunlight.

Spreading Awareness of the Scope of SONlight
It is a pretty simple statement, but it holds quite a bit of truth. One of the things that I am trying to do, is to get people aware of not only SONlight, but of the reach and impact of SONlight. A lot of people may not be aware of SONlight as a ministry, but even those who are, and often those who have given in the past or have been involved as a volunteer in the past, are not aware of the scope of SONlight in its present role.

As best as I can tell, SONlight reaches more secular radio stations with evangelism messages than any other ministry, and it does so with a budget that is grossly under similar types of ministries. All of our radio messages are played for free on over 1600 radio stations. Which works out to a minimum of 500 hours of free radio time every month to a potential audience of 1 billion people...

2009 - Reception - History of SONlight

Watch the video here.

This video is of the History of SONlight presentation from SONlight's 2009 Reception. Take some time to watch the presentation to get an idea of what God has done at SONlight over the last 32 years. It is an overview of how SONlight was founded and how it has grown.

Presentation given by Harold Tate, Executive Director. Introduced by Bob Christian, founding SONlight Board member.

If you are unable to view the video, you can try the version on Facebook - 2009 SONlight Reception - History of SONlight

2009 Reception - Keynote

Watch the video here.

This video is of the keynote presentation from SONlight's 2009 Reception. The video may be long, but it has video, slides, and web addresses included. Take some time to watch the presentation to get an idea of what God is doing at SONlight, and what our hopes are for the future.

Presentation given by David Tate, Associate Director.

If you are unable to view the video, you can try the slightly edited version on Facebook - 2009 SONlight Reception Video

SONlight Promotional Video


A promotional video about SONlight.

SONlight is dedicated to spreading the word of God around the world. We produce and distribute two forms of messages that get played on thousands of radio stations around the world.

We estimate that One Billion people are able to hear a SONlight message each month through either one of our 5 Minute SONspot bible-study/interviews or a 60 second Evangelism SONspot program.