7579 - Andy Benton - A Quiet Voice in a Quiet Heart

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An interview with Andy Benton, the Executive Director of Cornerstone Family Ministries in Houston, TX.

He shares how the Lord got his attention as a young man and has drawn him into service through ministry.

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7522 - What We Ought To Do

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Let’s talk about “What We Ought To Do.” as we see in 1 John 4:11 which reads:
“Dear friends, since God so loved us, we ought to love one another.”

This command follows verses, which tell us about the ultimate love showered upon us by God. God’s love is an unselfish, sacrificial love, which is bestowed upon undeserving subjects. That’s what happened when God loved us by sending His Son Jesus to pay the penalty of death for our sins, even when we were alienated from Him, we were bitter enemies of His.

So this command is given upon the basis that we have accepted the gift of life offered by Jesus to all who would believe and trust Him. Keep in mind that when Jesus bestows this new life He enters our life to live His life in and through us. That’s the only way we can love as God loves — sacrifically.

When God says we ought to love one another he is not talking about being nice to one another or helping someone when we expect to get something in return. Previously in this book (1 John 3:18) we were told that we were not just to say encouraging words to someone who had a need, but we were to demonstrate love through our actions.

A story by Rebecca Pippert, which appears in Multnomah’s book Stories for the Heart Illustrates this principle. Its called “Lessons from a Young Nurse.”
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