Transition - Acts

I was given the opportunity to be the guest preacher at Trinity Memorial Baptist Church in Marlin, TX. There previous pastor, Terry Johnston, had accepted a call to another church, and I was preaching the first day that he was not there.

I felt led to preach on Transition (no fancy titles or anything), and preached from several passages from the first 2 chapters of Acts. It was quite helpful to have recently gone through a transition at our home church in Houston, Wilcrest Baptist Church. And then recently to have had such a transition from the suburbs of Houston to the rural area east of Elm Mott, TX.

It was a well received message and I got many affirming words from the congregation. I had the opportunity to share a bit about SONlight and hand out some CDs and literature.

I pray that the church will prayerfully follow the Lord and be led to their next pastor in the proper time.

Trinity Memorial Baptist

For this sermon I am preaching on several passages from Acts.

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7616 - Jesus Prayed

Jesus’ example of quiet prayer and conversation with God the Father should serve as a strong reminder of its importance in our lives.

In our study through the Gospel of Luke we have come to Luke 4, verses 42-44. They tell us:

At daybreak Jesus went out to a solitary place. The people were looking for him and when they came to where he was, they tried to keep him from leaving them. But he said, "I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent." And he kept on preaching in the synagogues of Judea.

The events in this portion of Scripture occurred about a year and one-half after Jesus began His ministry. These scenes are from the beginning of the first tour of Galilee, which Jesus made with the four fishermen whom He called to follow Him. Two sets of brothers, James and John, and Peter and Andrew, were chosen by Jesus to be mentored by Him.

The thing we notice in this passage is that at daybreak Jesus sought a lonely place. The parallel passage in Mark 1 (35) tells us he rose in order to have time for prayer. If you recall, at this time multitudes of people sought Jesus to help solve their particular problem or heal their diseases. So Jesus needed some quiet time to prepare for meeting and ministering to people.

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7566 - Intercessory Prayer

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We continue our study in 1 John chapter 5. In our last Bible study we dwelt on assurance of prayers being answered as given by the apostle John in chapter 5, verses 14 and 15.

Today we continue some thoughts about prayer as we look at the following two verses, 16 and 17. Here John talks about intercessory prayer.

Let’s read the verses from the NET Bible, “If anyone sees his fellow Christian committing a sin not resulting in death, he should ask, and God will grant life to the person who commits a sin not resulting in death. There is a sin resulting in death. I do not say that he should ask about that. All unrighteousness is sin, but there is sin not resulting in death.”

This is a much debated passage without any final agreement. Let’s focus on those explanations which are consistent with other scripture.
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7565 - Assurance in Prayer

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We continue our study of 1 John. In this book God openly declares His love for His children in these pages. The encompassing message is that God wants His children to know that they live in Jesus and He lives in each one of us to give us an abundant, eternal life to those who habitually obey.

In 1 John 5, verses 14 and 15, we have some assuring words regarding prayer. Let’s read these verses from the NET Bible, “And this is the confidence that we have before Him: that whenever we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us in regard to whatever we ask, then we know that we have the requests that we have asked from Him.”
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7519 - A Prayer for Our Nation

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Join us as we open God’s Word and look at a prayer which could positively impact any nation.

Men and women who loved and revered God and His Son, Jesus Christ, were influential in founding America. These men and women who risked all, to found a nation where the Lord could be freely worshipped and honored without fear of persecution, scorn or ridicule; gave no apologies for their faith.

Isaac Potts, a Quaker, one day saw General George Washington on his knees at prayer in a grove of trees. Potts later told his wife that God would surely bring a great salvation for America because of godly men and women like Washington.

America has experienced some great highs as a nation; but apathy and spiritual rebellion is eroding the public attitude toward God.

Join with us in a prayer for our nation, which is adapted from Daniel’s prayer for Israel found in Daniel 9:4-19.
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7509 - The Purpose of Prayer

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One thing necessary in any relationship is communications. Prayer is the name given to the process of communication between God and man.

Biblical prayer is communication with God; it is crying out to God out of the depths of the heart; it’s pouring out your soul before God. Believers’ prayer is the inspiring experience of conversing and sharing with God as our loving heavenly Father, our creator. Few experiences so empower and lift Christian to deal with problems.

Prayer may include a dimension of:
• wrestling with God,
• of pleading with God,
• yes, even of fussing with God.

But prayer also includes praise of God,
• of thanking God in appreciation for every facet of his dealing with us,
• and of celebration and joy
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