7587 - Instructions for Joseph

Today, let’s look at Joseph, the man who had the difficult task of playing the role of Jesus’ earthly father.

In recent programs we have looked at the details preceding the birth of Jesus from the book of Luke. We have studied the visit the angel Gabriel made to virgin Mary , and not let’s look at Joseph, the man whom Mary was pledged to be married.

Today let’s turn over to Matthew 1, verses 18-25 and read of the struggle which took place in his life.

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7586 - The Parents of Jesus

Today we will take a look at the background of the family of Jesus, primarily Mary and Joseph.

We have been studying through the book of Luke for the past few weeks, and to give us some better understanding of Jesus and his earthly family, we will look at what we know about Mary and Joseph.

From Luke 1:27-28 we can see that Mary was a young girl, a virgin, and was probably in her early to late teen years. Not much is known with certainty about Mary before the time the angel Gabriel appeared to her, but we do know one thing for sure, Mary had found favor with God. We may not be able to determine how Mary had favor with God, but we know she was a very special young woman.

One thing to bear in mind though, some have sought to exemplify Mary as sinless in some way, they have put forth an idea of this “immaculate conception” of Mary, and have tried to say she was born without sin, and died without sin. This idea is not supported biblically, and should not be given any further consideration. The Bible tells us very clearly that everyone except Jesus has sinned.

Mary was a woman. She sinned as we have, but in some way the Lord saw her as being special, and blessed her with the privilege of being the earthly mother of Jesus.

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