Tearing the Curtain

It was a great privilege to preach at First Baptist Church of Martens.

I really enjoyed preaching on the curtain in front of the Holy of Holies, and it’s representation of the division between God and Man.

Tearing the Curtain
For this sermon I am preaching from Mark, Isaiah, and Exodus.

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Waiting for the Lord - Day 21

But those who wait for the LORD’s help find renewed strength;
they rise up as if they had eagles’ wings,
they run without getting weary,
they walk without getting tired.
- Isaiah 40:31 (NET)

So, I’m waiting for the Lord.

For 21 days I have been really trying to raise financial support for SONlight. I have had a few people say they will start supporting SONlight, and a few increase their giving to SONlight, and a few generous one-time donations.

Part of me is excited and thrilled to be doing what I love, and to be growing in passion for what I am doing, but the other part of me is still a bit nervous. I know that I am to be obedient in pursuing what the Lord has called me to, and I know that He is capable of big things. But ultimately things are out of my hands, the battle is God’s.

So, I am trying to be obedient, and I am waiting.

Eagle’s Wings
Praise the Lord for His word. When I am dejected and discouraged, he brings a verse to my heart and mind, and I see something that I have not seen before.

“Those who wait for the Lord’s help find renewed strength” - This was always the part of the verse that I remembered as the key point. The rising up, running, and walking, were just the outcomes of the “renewed strength”.

But, today for the first time, I got something I had not gotten before. The wings are the key... or rather an Eagle’s wings.

An eagle has powerful wings, and in Israel the large Golden Eagle has a wingspan of up to 8 feet.

But I believe this verse is not alluding to the renewed strength in the power of these wings...