7538 - Julie Bannert - Life In Serbia

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An interview with Julie Bannert about her work as a missionary in Serbia.

Julia has served with her husband Karl as a missionary in Serbia for over 8 years. Julie has raised her two sons and one daughter from a young age in Serbia and sought to educate and teach the Bible to them with thoroughness.

Julie discusses the tough decisions they had to make for their oldest son’s education, and the sacrifices that were necessary as a result of their mission calling.

She describes how they run a house church on Sundays for Serbian people, and she also shares about her personal ministry with women in the area. For over 4 years they have been serving faithfully in Serbia and they are beginning to see the Lord moving within a number of people.

Serbia has roots in the orthodox church, and Julie and Karl Bannert are striving to get people to understand that a personal relationship with God is necessary. Join them in prayer for the people of Serbia to come to personal salvation through Jesus.

To read more about the ministry of Karl and Julie Bannert and their work in Serbia, read their short profile on IMB Europe or visit for more information about the Bannert’s mission to Serbia and how to get involved.
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