7579 - Andy Benton - A Quiet Voice in a Quiet Heart

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An interview with Andy Benton, the Executive Director of Cornerstone Family Ministries in Houston, TX.

He shares how the Lord got his attention as a young man and has drawn him into service through ministry.

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7506 - Test of Good Spirits

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In our last study we noted that John bids Christians to be aware of how to ascertain whether the teaching or statement of certain people is indeed a message from God or whether the declaration is another guided missile from the devil aimed to disturb or shoot down the faith of a weak or lame inquirer about the Son of God. John tells Christians that they are to know how to test the spirits to discern the truth in this matter.

How can we really tell if a statement is true, or whether the declaration is another thought from the intellect of man, which does not have the ring of truth?

Let me read 1 John 4, verse 2; then we can examine it.

“This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit which acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God.”

If this test is positive then we can be sure that the Holy Spirit is the stimulating power behind the utterance or writing of a doctrinal statement.

The test is this: Does the message acknowledge that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh?
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