Church History

Transition - Acts

I was given the opportunity to be the guest preacher at Trinity Memorial Baptist Church in Marlin, TX. There previous pastor, Terry Johnston, had accepted a call to another church, and I was preaching the first day that he was not there.

I felt led to preach on Transition (no fancy titles or anything), and preached from several passages from the first 2 chapters of Acts. It was quite helpful to have recently gone through a transition at our home church in Houston, Wilcrest Baptist Church. And then recently to have had such a transition from the suburbs of Houston to the rural area east of Elm Mott, TX.

It was a well received message and I got many affirming words from the congregation. I had the opportunity to share a bit about SONlight and hand out some CDs and literature.

I pray that the church will prayerfully follow the Lord and be led to their next pastor in the proper time.

Trinity Memorial Baptist

For this sermon I am preaching on several passages from Acts.

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7470 - Praise – Psalm 148

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Do you know why you are here on earth? Do you know what your deep underlying purpose is? Let's answer those questions today.

7460 - Man's Nature

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The study we will be working on today is on man's nature, that is, his relationship to original sin. We will look at man's natural inclinations and how those affect his behavior and relationship with God.