7597 - Glimpse Into Childhood

Let’s consider an account of a 12 year old boy and his devotion to his Father.

Luke’s information about the early history surrounding the life of Jesus is well appreciated. Luke is sometimes called an historical writer because of the careful and detailed research he carried on for an extended time before God tapped him to write the third gospel and the book of Acts. His stated intent was to make the gospel clear so that people could know the truth.

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Unexpected Blessings - Day 5

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Today my wife, Lydia, and I went to a couple of events at BridgePoint Bible Church as they are nearing the end of their missions conference. I went to a men’s breakfast and was able to share for a few minutes about SONlight and how the Lord brought me to work here. And I also had some good conversations with several people before and after the breakfast.

While I was at the breakfast, Lydia went to the “Prudent Princess” fashion show and clothing swap. This was an event that the ladies of BridgePoint put together to spotlight the options available for thrifty shopping at resale shops, and then there was a huge clothing swap. All of the ladies brought in clothes that did not want anymore, and the ladies of BridgePoint turned the entire concourse into a large clothing shop.

So Lydia was unexpectedly blessed as she came home with 7 bags of clothes. P1010887
This was a huge blessing, because she has lost quite a bit of weight over the last many months, and we have not been able to afford to replace her wardrobe that was several sizes too big. So many of the BridgePoint ladies came alongside of Lydia and helped her find just about every single item that was in here size, and blessed her so much that she was moved to tears.

And then to top that off they took up a love offering for us and each of the other missionaries. It was a wonderful morning, and particularly so because we had seriously debated having Lydia stay home with the boys because the two youngest ones had runny noses. But we went, and were both so thankful that Lydia was able to go.

Surprising Numbers
Tonight as I was preparing for speaking to a sunday school class at BridgePoint, I started to put together some of SONlight’s numbers in a new way.

I have found that SONlight is really in avery unique position. As far I have found, we have a larger network of radio stations playing our evangelism spots than any similar ministry, and we have the largest network of secular stations by far.

Just considering the 6o second stations, and conservatively assuming that our spots are only played once a day on our approximate 1600 stations, then every month, 800 hours of SONlight evangelism spots are played, and 575,000 spots are played annually. And that does not count the over 10,000 to 30,000 internet radio stations.

All of the air time for these radio messages is donated by the participating radio stations, and for those stations in the US market, the estimated fair value of similar air-time is approximately $42 for each “spot.”

So assuming that each station only plays one message per day, each year, SONlight gets the equivalent value of $24,192,000 in radio air time.

Each of those 575,000 spots has a quick gospel presentation and in total they reach a potential audience of one billion people per month, but our annual budget is hundred of thousands dollars less than other similar ministries.

As some have put it it, SONlight is a great bang for a buck.

Digging Ditches - Day 4

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Today was another big day as I work towards meeting my goals in contacting people by email, following up on the phone, and setting up face to face meetings as I work towards raising additional support for SONlight.

I have had some good phone calls so far, and have a few meeting set up for next week, and I had a very interesting lunch meeting today that might result in some interesting developments later on down the road. Stay tuned for some for those possible developments in the future.

Tomorrow I will be at BridgePoint Bible Church again for a men’s brunch, and I am hoping and praying that I will have the opportunity to make good contact with some men and talk about SONlight. And possibly get a few names and contacts to contact as I fund raise.

2 Kings 3
In part of my study today I read through a really interesting passage today that spoke to me in my quest through this fund raising period.

First, a brief explanation of the events leading up to this passage. Jehoram, the son of Ahab and Jezebel, had become king, and the king of Moab decided that since Ahab had died, he didn’t really feel continuing his tribute payments. So he stopped. And Jehoram was not really pleased with this rebellion so he went to the king of Judah, Jehoshphat, and convinced him to go fight against Moab.

Jehoshphat agreed, and so they went to attack Moab, but as Jehoshphat was experienced in war, they opted to attack Moab in a surprising way by coming through the desert of Edom. So these two kings, and their armies, march through Edom towards Moab. The King of Edom joins their party and verse 9 tells us that “They wandered around on the road for seven days and finally ran out of water for the men and animals they had with them.”

So in their thirst and despair, Jehoshphat decides to consult a prophet of God about their plight. So they learn that Elisha the prophet is nearby, so they go down to meet him...