7514 - The Purpose of the Bible

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In a recent program we found that man was created for fellowship with God. We then observed that prayer was afforded as the vehicle of communications between God and mankind. Would it not be plausible that God would give an instruction book to his creature, mankind? Today, let’s examine, “What Is The Purpose Of The Bible?”

The major source of information available to man in his quest for understanding of the God who has proposed a meaningful and full life for him, is a collection of sixty-six books bound in one cover, commonly called the Bible. Although people can see the power and wisdom of God in nature, they must trust the Bible for complete truth. Although God has placed within a person's inner being an innate, elementary knowledge of Himself and a hunger for a full relationship, he must seek the full revelation of a holy, omniscient, and omnipotent God within the pages of the book He has given as His unveiling. In order for man to come to understand the marvelous plan God has in mind for the fulfillment of those who are the crowning act of creation, he must seek out facts, attitudes and relationships which God has purposed.
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