1 Kings

First Time Preaching

I had the joy and pleasure of preaching at Magnolia Bible Church on Sunday. It was a great responsibility, and I was thankful for the opportunity and greatly appreciative that the Lord enabled the message to go very well.

Pastor Scot Wall was out of town leading a retreat at Camp Peniel, and he extended me the invitation to come preach in his place. It was an intimidating opportunity, and was something that I went into with great respect for the responsibility of bringing a message to the body of Christ in that setting.

I thought it went well, and was very affirmed and incredibly encouraged by the many positive responses after the service. My contact at the church, one of the elders, was very surprised that it was only my first time preaching, as he thought that I did an excellent job.

Joe Wall, Scot’s dad and the Executive Vice President of East West Ministries, was also very surprised to learn that it was my first time, and made the very encouraging remark that he felt that the Lord might have a calling in my life to do this more.

David Preaching

Faith During the Drought
For this sermon I am preaching on 1 Kings 17.

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7568 - 1 Kings 17 - The Faith of Elijah

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Over the past year, here at SONlight I have filled a number of different roles: editing, writing and recording messages, graphic design, fixing toilets, repairing database code, networking, upgrading computers and newsletters, and designing a new website.

The Lord has truly prepared me ahead of time for the work He had here at SONlight for me to do, but it is only through the Lord’s grace and strength that I have been able to do any of what he has called me to do. There has just been too much for me to have done everything on my own or according to my own knowledge.

But really, isn’t that our true role in life? Because if we think the Lord will only call us to do things we are capable of under our own strength, then we will find ourselves in positions where we don’t acknowledge our true, great need for God.
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A Big Task - Day 2

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It is probably clear to anyone that it is a huge task to raise the support that SONlight needs within the short span of 21 days. I am certainly burdened by the size of the task at hand, but I have to keep reminding myself that it is not my job to bring in this income for SONlight, it is the Lord’s. SONlight is and has always been the Lord’s ministry, and we are only here to serve Him.

So as I look at the monumental task of raising support, I am reminded of my recent read through 1 Kings 18 and the account of Elijah and the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel. It may not be immediately obvious, but bear with me on this parallel illustration.

Competition on Mt. Carmel - 1 Kings 18:20-46
Of course most people who spent anytime in Sunday School as child are familiar with this account of the confrontation between these pagan prophets and Elijah, the prophet of God. We first see Elijah set out the ground rules for this “competition”. The 450 prophets will get to choose a bull, prepare it, place it on the wood on their alter, and then pray for fire from Baal...