Weekend - Day 12

So this past weekend was not one of any significance. I played the good husband and worked on some household tasks, and finished some projects. I played the good father and played catch with my oldest son for the very first time (he is starting his first season of Little League Baseball), and we had a good time.

I did manage to get the application finished to Wilcrest Baptist Church, so be praying that it is received well. It was a large application, and it took more time than I anticipated. Hopefully the answers I have written will allow me to be more prepared for other church applications.

I feel like I might be coming down sick again. Pray that I will be able to take care of my responsibilities, continue in my work, and that I would recover quickly. Even now, I am foggy headed, and not much capable of thinking clearly to write anything more than this short note.

Day 12
Pray that the Lord would give me clear direction this week, and that other people would come forward to help me reach different churches. That I would get introductions to new groups.

Pray that I would get good rest, and not get sick like last week.