Ups and Downs - Day 13/14

So, if you were paying really close attention you have noticed that I had an update a couple of days ago that had a prayer request for me not getting sick like last week. And then there was no update yesterday.

Well, it seems that the answer to that prayer request was yes and no.

I did not get as sick as I was last week, but I did spend all of Monday night and all day Tuesday on the couch unable to think clearly, and quiet sick. I was so mentally foggy, that I did terribly when my wife and I took a break on Monday to play a few rounds of one of my favorite board games, Quoridor:
Pasted Graphic 3

She beat me 4 or 5 times in a row, which is more times than I have ever lost that game before, in total. So I was sick and really out of it.

Unfortunately, I could not even get some antibiotics called in from the doctor because it had been too long since I had been in last, and since our old doctor does not take our new private insurance plan, I could not afford to go see them either. And we still have not found a new doctor for Lydia and I that takes our insurance and is understanding that as missionaries we are on a really tight budget. So if you know anyone on the West to Northwest side of Houston, let us know.

Good News
Before I became sick on Monday, I had a good meeting with Jim Smith, one of the SONlight board members, and someone that Jim has been trying to get me to meet with for quite some time. The schedules finally worked out, and we were able to have a good meeting talking about SONlight.

I got some good council and insight from a very experienced man, professionally and in involvement with ministries, about some various changes that we could implement in our radio messages to help make them more engaging and effective. He also made a generous one-time donation to SONlight.

I also was able to exchange a few emails and take some phone calls that led to three more people becoming monthly supporters. This is very encouraging. And not because these are huge generous donations, but because the Lord is demonstrating his faithfulness and provision bit by bit. There is still a long way to go in order to put SONlight in good financial health, but I am encouraged.

Bad News
So then on Tuesday I was sick. It is really difficult to get anything done in arranging meetings or making phone calls when you can’t think and your nasally congested voice is constantly interrupted by coughing. So I was not able to make any progress on that end yesterday. And now today on Wednesday, I need to focus on repairing the front brakes of my wife’s car. When she stops the family minivan, it sounds like somebody replaced the brake pads with metal files.

She was pretty embarrassed that the whole parking lot was starring at her when she stopped at the baseball field to drop Joshua off for practice on Sunday. Of course, I am not fixing the brakes because she was embarrassed, but because I am concerned that the brakes have gotten so bad that they won’t stop the car anymore.

Day 13/14
Pray that I would continue to get better, and not get sick anymore.

Pray that we would be able to find a sympathetic and cooperative doctor for our future medical needs.

Pray that I would get my wife’s car fixed quickly and successfully, and get back on track and make good headway in sending letters, making phone calls, and setting up meetings.