Too Many Men - Day 10

Ever just have one of those days? Where it seems that no matter how hard you are trying to move forward it seems that your stuck?

Yesterday I had one of those days. It felt like no matter how hard I tried to stomp on the gas to get unstuck, the more my wheels just spun in the mud. I was working and trying hard, but it was not until I slowed down and refocused that things started t settle down.

See, I got stuck working on our contact management software trying to get errors sorted out so I could print off mailing labels for the monthly newsletter. I am really excited about the monthly newsletter for March, and I was doing my very best to get all of the errors sorted out. But when it came down to it, it was not until I had gone through the 16 pages of corrections for a third time that I was finally able to finish.

It took just about my entire work day, but I did finish. It was hard though, because I desperately wanted to get back to working on networking with people to try and set up meeting for talking about SONlight, but it just did not happen. But right towards the end of the time that I was working, my wife called to check on me and prayed with me over the phone.

It was during that prayer that I think I gained a bit of insight into why the Lord had taken me through a day where I was not able to make any great headway in my pursuit of support for SONlight.

You Have Too Many Men
I got the impression yesterday that the Lord brought me through this week the way that he did for the same reasons that he worked in Judges 7.

When God raised up Gideon to go to battle against the Midianites, Gideon took all 32,000 of his men to move into position as they prepared to go to battle. But God said to Gideon “You have too many men for me to hand Midian over to you. Israel might brag, ‘Our own strength has delivered us.’...”

God knew that with 32,000 men, if they were to go to battle against Mideon they would win, but the temptation would be for Israel to say, “Look how mighty we are, we defeated Median with only 32,000 men.” But they would fail to give the credit to the true victor, the Lord Almighty.

So God pares down Gideon’s army from 32,000 to 10,000; and then again from 10,000 to 300.

The Lord worked in an unusual way. He did not miraculously bring more and more people into the camp for Gideon to use to defeat the army of Median, he took more and more people away. And finally when he was left with 1% of the original number, the Lord thought to himself that now with only 300 men there is no way that Israel could claim credit for the victory.

So the nation of Israel went to battle with the Lord’s power and a handful of men against the 120,000-135,000 man army of the Mideanites. This looked like it was going to be a lopsided battle, but God was with Gideon and his men.

With God we are the majority. With God the numbers still don’t add up, but it’s now because He brings His power to His people. The infinite God and 300 men, and the ratio is not 400:1 against Gideon, as it appears. But ∞:1 for Gideon. (That ∞ mark stands for infinity of course).

21 Days is Too Many?
So, what the Lord seemed to make clear to me yesterday, was that just as 32,000 men was too many. 21 days to raise support for SONlight, may have been too many.

I have already said several times, that if God was going to provide for SONlight, it would have to be in His power, because my abilities and knowledge aren’t worth anything in comparison. As my best friend Jeff likes to say, “Everything I know and a dollar will get you a cheap cup of coffee.”

So God, took a few days away from my focus on support, and I think he did that to make it more evident to me and anyone else that is watching, that He is the provider and the strength of this ministry, and not me.

Remember the battle against the Mideanites with me, the next time you are placed in a similar situation. When the Lord starts taking your people, or your time, or some other resource away, perhaps he is doing so so He will get the glory and not you.

Day 10
Pray that I will be able to set up a lot of good meetings next week.

Continue to pray that I would be able to catch up with my enormous to do list that got really backed up while I was sick.

Continue to pray that people would respond well to the requests for help in the monthly newsletter.

Continue to pray also that the Lord would prepare and soften people’s hearts for the financial support of SONlight.