Titus 2:1-4


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“FEW portions of the New Testament excel this chapter. It may well form the creed, system of ethics, and text book of every Christian preacher. Does any man inquire what is the duty of a Gospel minister? Send him to the second chapter of the Epistle to Titus for a complete answer.” (Adam Clarke)

In this lesson, we look at the first few verses of Titus chapter 2 as Paul begins to lay out what types of things Titus (and overseers/pastors in general) should teach to 5 different groups of people. The first couple of groups, or roles, are the older men and older women within the church.

Now bear in mind that older does not necessarily refer to those of a specific age, but has more of a meaning of playing a role in contrast to the younger groups. It might actually be possible to fall into one or the other group depending on the make up of each of those groups. (I myself play fall into the younger category within the deacons at church, but in service at AWANAs I play an older role.)

We also begin to look at the roles of older women, and will touch on them in more detail next week.