Titus 1:9-16


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In verses 5-9 of Titus chapter 1 we found the list of qualifications for elders/overseers, and in verses 10-16 we see how Paul is tying those qualifications into the issues in the churches of Crete.

We can read about the issues with certain Jewish members of the church that seemed to be emphasizing an incorrect belief that Jewish customs (like food customs) needed to be adhered to in order to be clean/pure on the inside.

“They tried to persuade them that the simple story of Jesus and the Cross was not sufficient, but that, to be really wise, they needed all the subtle stories and the long genealogies and the elaborate allegories of the Rabbis. Further, they tried to teach them that grace was not enough, but that, to be really good, they needed to take upon themselves all the rules and regulations about foods and washings which were so characteristic of Judaism.” (Barclay)

Paul writes some very strong responses to this teaching, and gives us many good insight to important subjects that are even still present and relevant.