Titus 1:5-9


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In verses 5-9 of Titus chapter 1 we find the list of qualifications for elders/overseers. These are the two terms generally used in the New Testament to refer to the position in evangelical churches that is usually known as pastor.

Join us as we discuss the cultural and historical context of elders and the qualifications that Paul gives Titus in appointing them on Crete. And how those qualifications have not diminished over time, and are a good guideline for believers of all roles and callings.

I finish up with a quote from John Chrysostom, one of the great early church fathers well know for his eloquence.

He wrote strong words for fathers wishing to be in church leadership:

We should observe what care he bestows upon children. For he who cannot be the instructor of his own children, how should he be the Teacher of others? If he cannot keep in order those whom he has had with him from the beginning, whom he has brought up, and over whom he had power both by the laws, and by nature, how will he be able to benefit those without?...

But if, occupied in the pursuit of wealth, he has made his children a secondary concern, and not bestowed much care on them, even so he is unworthy. For if when nature prompted, he was so void of affection or so senseless, that he thought more of his wealth than of his children, how should he be raised to the Episcopal throne, and so great rule? For if he was unable to restrain them it is a great proof of his weakness; and if he was unconcerned, his want of affection is much to be blamed. He then that neglects his own children, how shall he take care of other men’s?