Sick and Tired - Day 7/8

Usually when someone says they are “sick and tired” it is because they are trying to express their frustration with a situation. Something like, “I’m sick and tired of the traffic in Houston.”

However, for me the last two days I have literally been sick and tired. All day Monday I was incapable of doing anything. I spent the entire day with a mild fever, and a wicked nasty cold or something. I started to feel a bit better last night, but then today I was again sick.

I had some more energy this afternoon, so I was able to finish working on a short video of the recognition of Harold and Pauline Tate at the 2010 BridgePoint Bible Church missions banquet.

The video is 6 minutes long and can be viewed here.
Picture 2

Please take a moment to watch it, and if you would like, leave a comment for Harold and Pauline in appreciation of their many faithful years of service.

Day 7/8
Pray that I would continue to improve in health, and that the rest of the week would be very productive.

Pray for people to suggest others for me to talk to about SONlight, and that I would be able to have the opportunity to talk to more and more people about the opportunities available to SONlight.

Continue to pray also that the Lord would prepare and soften people’s hearts for the financial support of SONlight.