Polishing SONlight's Sound

New SONlight Theme set to message 7589 - new music is at beginning (0:04) and end (4:19)
(listen to the original version)

One of the things that I have been interested in doing for some months has been to approach KSBJ about playing our 5-minute SONspot messages. It has always been an intimidating prospect, because KSBJ is such a well done and well known Houston radio station. They are frequently winning awards, and they are well known around the world as being one of the premier Christian radio stations.

I have wanted for some time to update the SONlight sound a bit to give it a more contemporary feeling before I approached KSBJ. I felt that for them to want to play our messages we would need to be sure that our messages were well polished and sounding their best. A little like getting a new haircut and shaving before a really crucial job interview.

Updating the SONlight Sound
The first change that moved us towards this direction came upon the advice of a long term and well respected listener. He suggested that SONlight’s intro with the music leading and then the voice starting was a weak beginning in a format that needs to be engaging from the opening moments of a radio broadcast.

So taking his advice I modified the beginning of our message format to start with a teaser intro summarizing the topic, before playing the SONlight theme music and then going into the body of the message. I tweaked the opening music a bit, but left it mostly unchanged.

SONlight’s Theme Music
The SONlight theme music has been with us since the beginning of our 5-Minute format. I am not exactly sure what the original source of the SONlight theme was. I think that it was composed and played by a friend of Harold Tate years ago, and has been used now for 16 years.

I have wanted to update the theme music for a while now, and as I am preparing to talk to KSBJ, I thought it was best to move in that direction to see what improvements could be made. My desire has been to try out a guitar them that is similar in its sound and theme to the original synthesizer SONlight theme. Something that was similar in some ways and different in others.

My brother, Andrew Tate, is a talented guitarist and has been leading worship for Parkway Fellowship Church for a number of years. He and I with the input of our wives put together a new SONlight theme recording for the 5-Minute SONspots messages. I have tweaked it and prepped it, but I am seeking some feedback before I fully change to this new music.