Men's Retreat - Days 16-19

No updates for the last few days, because amongst other things I was out of town on a men’s retreat with BridgePoint Bible Church. Now, this is not my home church, but my grandparents, Harold and Pauline Tate, have attended the church for many years, and recently my parents, Hank and Jeannie Tate, have started to attend as well.

So at this men’s retreat there were three generation of Tate men, and we enjoyed a good time of fellowship, worship, and study through the life of Elijah.


We started in 1 Kings 17, and enjoyed learning through the life of Elijah as he served the Lord in faith and obedience.

There was also some free time, and as men, many of us participated in manly activities like hiking, fishing, mountain biking, and skeet/target shooting.


This is me shooting the shotgun I got for my birthday last year. I had to leave early, but before I left I was in 2nd place having hit 7 out of 10 clay pigeons. (Not bad for the first time shooting it, and the first time skeet shooting in over 10 years.)

Other Happenings
During the retreat I was able to talk to quite a few people about SONlight, and was encouraged to hear that many of the men I met were praying for me and for SONlight. The entire weekend was encouraging and a blessing. There were a few other neat things that happened during those days, but nothing solid enough for me to share yet.

I filled in for my Sunday School teacher on Sunday and taught through parts of Isaiah 56 & 57. I will fill in again next week and finish Isaiah 57. If you want to join us, it will be the Adult 1 Sunday School class at Wilcrest Baptist Church on March 14th at 9:45 am.

I am still not quite well, but I am able to stay active and full of energy at least.

Please pray that the SONlight board meeting on March 9th would go well, and that the Lord would provide keen insight and wisdom.

The next CD of 5-minute messages is being prepared, and will get sent out in the next week. Pray for those messages.

Pray that I can have positive successes in contacting people about SONlight, and raising support.