Intro to Titus and 1:1-5


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Recently I was given the opportunity to fill in teaching Sunday school at Wilcrest Baptist Church. The regular Sunday school teacher, Jeff Adams, is helping to fill in preaching and has started up a very difficult semester at seminary.

So to give him a break teaching, and to have more time to focus on his studies, I will be teaching through the book of Titus over the next many weeks. I have filled in teaching numerous times before, but never more than two weeks in a row. So this will be a fun and new experience for me.

I wanted to record all of the lectures in order to share them with anyone who might be interested, and hopes that they might be useful in other ways. So for this first week I will be introducing the book of Titus, giving some background, context, and discussing who Titus is and the audience the book was written to.

To briefly sum up what was talked about:

Titus was written by Paul in about 64 A.D. to Titus and to the Christian population of Crete. it is one of the Pastoral letters, and it comes chronologically after 1 Timothy and before 2 Timothy (Paul’s last letter).

In the first four verses of Titus, the salutation, we have a number of great spiritual truths presented. we will spend some time looking at these first four verses and touching briefly on verse 5 leading into next week where we will discuss the qualifications for elders.

My goal will be to get each of these lectures posted online the Monday or Tuesday after they were delivered at Wilcrest Baptist Church in the Adult 1 Sunday school class.