Halfway There - Day 11

Another day has passed in my 21 day pursuit of financial support for SONlight. In a sense this has been a hard journey, but it has also been a blessed one as well.

I have had trouble setting up as many meetings as I would like, and staying on top of correspondence with a growing list of people is a large and difficult task. It is very intimidating looking at my daily to do list, and it is big chore to stay on top of everything.

I do have a meeting set up for Monday at 11:45, so be praying that it goes well, but unfortunately due to some urgent things that need to be address with my car and with my wife’s car, I will need to take a day off to work on them. Pray that I can fix them up in one day with success, and without delay or trouble.

Church Applications
I finished an application to Cypress Bible Church yesterday, my Office Supervisor up at SONlight goes to this church, and she was able to connect me to the right people to make that application. Pray that the application is well received, and that SONlight can get another church supporting us.

Today I will be working around my house, and working on an application to Wilcrest Baptist Church, my family’s home church. Pray that that application comes together quickly and with the Lord’s direction.

If you think that your church might be open to supporting SONlight, and if you would be willing to make an introduction or check on the proper application procedures, please let me know.

Daily Updates
It has been a big change in our procedures and in my routine for me to make these daily updates. I am enjoying sharing my heart and my daily burdens and insights, and I am considering continuing these updates even past the 21 days. If you have been blessed, encouraged, or just enjoyed one of these updates, please drop me a note or leave me a comment to let me know.

Day 11
Pray that my Monday meeting would go very well.

Pray that the application to Wilcrest Baptist Church would come together nicely, and that it and the application to Cypress Bible would be very well received.

Pray that others would come along side of me and help connect me to different circles and churches.