Getting SONlight in the Sunlight - Day 3

Today I attended the Keenager & Missionary Fellowship Luncheon at BridgePoint Bible Church as part of their missions week. (I will be at other events there on Saturday morning, Sunday morning, and Sunday evening.)

It was an enjoyable time of fellowship and sharing, and each of the missionaries and associated ministries was able to share about their ministry and what has happened in their lives and family over the past year. I got to hear a lot of fantastic accounts from missionaries from around the world: Scott Ulrich, Robin Ulrich, and Leah were there and shared about their respective ministries.

I shared about what the Lord has been doing at SONlight over the last year. The ways in which God brought me to SONlight, and in turn a various few of the improvements that I have been making and the ways in which SONlight has grown. I also talked about my 21 day pursuit of financial support and asked for their prayers, and support in that.

Then during the fellowship I had some great conversations with a number of people about SONlight, and got to share one on one with quite a few people. One of the ones I talked to was Dan Walsh, and he came up with the snappy title of today’s post: Getting SONlight in the Sunlight.

Spreading Awareness of the Scope of SONlight
It is a pretty simple statement, but it holds quite a bit of truth. One of the things that I am trying to do, is to get people aware of not only SONlight, but of the reach and impact of SONlight. A lot of people may not be aware of SONlight as a ministry, but even those who are, and often those who have given in the past or have been involved as a volunteer in the past, are not aware of the scope of SONlight in its present role.

As best as I can tell, SONlight reaches more secular radio stations with evangelism messages than any other ministry, and it does so with a budget that is grossly under similar types of ministries. All of our radio messages are played for free on over 1600 radio stations. Which works out to a minimum of 500 hours of free radio time every month to a potential audience of 1 billion people.

Our 5 minute messages are played on 30 or so stations in the US, and about 20 or so overseas. And we are seeing fantastic results from radio stations in Nigeria and Zambia. One group of stations in Nigeria plays 6 SONlight spots in a row every day on one station, and four days a week on three other stations. They reach a target audience of 10 million people in Nigeria.

My Heart for the Future of SONlight
My heart is to continue the broadcast of the 5 minute messages in the US, but to extend those messages to more locations overseas. To places like Wukari, Nigeria, where the people there enjoy the messages so much that they are listening to tapes of the messages, attending study groups centered around the messages, and most importantly, learning the Word of God.

And that is what my passion is for the future of SONlight. Getting these short and simple but thorough messages of Biblical instruction to those that need to here it. In places where people are very fortunate to even have a Bible, let alone a commentary of any kind to help them understand what they are reading.

Radio is no substitute for people on the ground sharing face to face, and teaching face to face, but I have gotten many positive and encouraging reports from missionaries and pastors overseas that understand and see the role these messages play in supporting the work of churches and missionaries taking place in these areas. They tell me that our messages are able to help in ways that they cannot, by reaching large numbers of people at once with a consistent Biblical message.

Day 3
Continue to pray for the immediate leading of the Holy Spirit as I am reaching out to people and trying to meet with them face to face.

Pray for my strength and diligence, and that I might be encouraged everyday as I pursue the Lord.

Pray that the Lord would prepare and soften people’s hearts for the financial support of SONlight.