A Big Task - Day 2

It is probably clear to anyone that it is a huge task to raise the support that SONlight needs within the short span of 21 days. I am certainly burdened by the size of the task at hand, but I have to keep reminding myself that it is not my job to bring in this income for SONlight, it is the Lord’s. SONlight is and has always been the Lord’s ministry, and we are only here to serve Him.

So as I look at the monumental task of raising support, I am reminded of my recent read through 1 Kings 18 and the account of Elijah and the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel. It may not be immediately obvious, but bear with me on this parallel illustration.

Competition on Mt. Carmel - 1 Kings 18:20-46
Of course most people who spent anytime in Sunday School as child are familiar with this account of the confrontation between these pagan prophets and Elijah, the prophet of God. We first see Elijah set out the ground rules for this “competition”. The 450 prophets will get to choose a bull, prepare it, place it on the wood on their alter, and then pray for fire from Baal.

Let’s notice a couple of things first. One, Elijah lets the other “team” pick their own bull first. Presumably they got to pick whichever bull they thought was more “flammable”. They got to use all 450 people, rather than only a single representative. And they got to go first in praying for their god to provide fire. And lastly, Elijah challenged them to a contest in which their god should have been skilled. Baal was supposedly their god of heaven, of rain, and of lightning/thunder. Sending fire down was something the prophets were confident their god could do.

And of course we all can smile when we here Elijah mocking their prayers, and asking them to pray louder because their god might be on vacation, maybe he is busy...

But then it is Elijah’s turn to go. And this is where I start to see the parallel with the big task ahead of me here at SONlight.

The Big Task, is for God
See, after Elijah rebuilt the altar of the Lord, and after he prepared the bull on top of the wood on the altar, he did something very unusual. He started to “stack the deck” against God. Elijah (and in vs 36 we see he has done these things at the Lord’s command) starts seemingly making the task of lighting the wood for the sacrifice more difficult. He has 12 jars of water dumped all over the altar. The sacrifice is soaked, the wood is drenched, and even a trench around the altar is full of water.

It seems that Elijah (and ultimately the Lord), is not just content with doing what the other god, Baal, could not do. God wants to do something so incredible and amazing that there is no doubt for all of those present, that He is the true God. And when the Lord sent down fire from heaven, it was not just a bit of flame that slowly began to lick the wood and gradually start to burn the sacrifice.

No, when God sent down fire, it consumed the sacrifice, all of the wood, and even the 12 stones of the altar, the dirt and every drop of water. When showed up to this competition, he brought down the house. Every advantage had been given to the other team, and large hurdles had been put up, but God demonstrated his power in a mighty way.

And so, as I pursue funds for SONlight, the deck is stacked against us. We have a very short time frame, and a large amount of funding that is needed, but none of those things are obstacles that God cannot surpass. He demonstrated to Elijah, that He could go far above what could be expected.

He is God after all. The all-powerful and loving God, who created everything, and to whom belongs everything.

Day 2
Continue to pray for the immediate leading of the Holy Spirit.

Pray for my strength and diligence, and that I might be encouraged everyday as I pursue the Lord’s leading