7771 - Now Crowned


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In our study in the book of Hebrews we have been brought to see how the author emphasizes the superiority of the New Covenant of faith in Jesus Christ to the covenant of Law, and how it has superseded that old covenant. Much is said about the superiority of its Founder, Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

We want to talk about how Jesus is now crowned with glory and honor after his sacrificial service here on earth as a human being.
Listen to Hebrews 2:9:
But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels, now crowned with glory and honor because he suffered death, so that by the grace of God he might taste death for everyone.

This is the first time the name of Jesus is mentioned in the book of Hebrews. We have previously discussed how Jesus, the divine Son of God, willingly humbled himself, and took on the flesh of mankind in order to qualify to die on the cross as the atoning sacrifice for the sins of humanity.

This identification with mankind will be remembered throughout eternity. This short period of history in which Jesus was made lower than the angels is in reality the very focus of the history of mankind.

Since Adam’s willful choice and sinful action brought spiritual death into the domain of mankind, the human spirit of every man and woman on earth has been vacant. Man’s spirit, which was made as the realm within which God would live and fellowship with each individual, and which was indeed occupied by God in the early life of Adam and Eve, experienced the departure of God. God moved out of their human spirit, and the spirit of future generations of people was empty.

It was necessary for the Son of God, Christ the Messiah, to become part of the physical realm, which He himself created. He took on human flesh because it was necessary for him to be one of us in order for his body to qualify as our substitute sacrifice.
Throughout the Old Testament the prophetic record points to the Messiah who would come and rescue mankind from spiritual death. Spiritual death literally is separation from God.

Christ Jesus, by his atoning death, satisfied Father God’s just requirement for man’s sin. In this way he made it possible for people to be spiritually born anew. Being born again brings God to move into the human spirit and take up his position on the throne, which was designed as His inner residence within every person.

We must call attention that the death of Jesus did not immediately give spiritual life to every individual on earth. It is by individual choice that any person may believe the truth about the life and death of Jesus Christ; and it is by individual choice that one accepts the free gift of eternal life, which is offered by Jesus. When an individual freely and willingly humbles himself and invites Jesus to be Lord and Savior, then Trinity God moves into the human spirit and takes up Lordship. By His entry this human spirit becomes the place, which it was designed to be, the temple of God; and the place of intimate fellowship between God and this individual. I call attention that Jesus is crowned in this throne room.

Let each of us get clearly in mind that being resident Lord in each believing individual in no way robs Jesus of the glory and honor with when He is crowned in heaven.

Because of the faithful ministry of Jesus on earth; because He obediently suffered death as the divine sacrifice for sins, He has been acclaimed in heaven and has again been seated upon His throne in the heavenly throne room.

Jesus also rules as the head of the church, the firstborn over all creation. He rules above all authority, power and dominion. His name is above every title that can be given. There is nothing outside of his control and authority.

And friend, only through Jesus may anyone have eternal life. If you have not yielded and invited Him to be resident Lord in your life, you may do so now in the quietness of your heart.