7763 - Angel Characteristics


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Before continuing our study through the book of Hebrews let’s consider a close look at a few more characteristics of angels.

A few people have asked: “How powerful are angels?” As one studies various incidents in which angels are involved we may conclude there is no limit of what they can do. Have you noticed how seldom is more than one angel sent on a service mission by God? This fact enhances the thought that, generally speaking, only one angel is necessary.

Let’s first look at a scene from the history of Judah. When Hezekiah was king in Judah, Sennacherib, King of Assyria, invaded Judah and captured many cities. He sent the leaders of his army to threaten Jerusalem. King Hezekiah & the leaders of Judah humbled themselves and prayed to God.

The prophet Isaiah notified King Hezekiah that the Lord God had given positive, assuring words regarding the King of Assyria. The Lord Almighty had said, “he will not enter this city; I will defend this city and save it for My sake and the sake of David my servant.” (2 Kings 19).

As the people of Jerusalem slept that night, the angel of the Lord, just one angel, went out and put to death a hundred and eighty-five thousand men in the Assyrian camp. When the people of Jerusalem got up the next morning the surrounding tents of the enemy were filled with dead bodies. All of the fighting men and the leaders and officers in the camp of the Assyrians had been annihilated by the Lord’s angel. Scripture tells us King Sennacherib broke camp & returned to Nineveh.

This is a tremendous record of the Lord’s protection of Judah, but the record of this incident certainly gives a large input into the answer of the question, “How powerful is on angel?” Just think, one angel wiped out the life of 185,000 healthy Assyrians, and not a shot was fired.

Another interesting power display is the angel sent by God when Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den because of his worship and prayers to the Holy God. It is a blessing to consider the power of that angel. He had to shut the mouths of the many lions in that den before Daniel had neared the floor of the pit, because the lions would have killed him if he had neared their claws & fangs. Certainly also the angel had to control the claws of the lions as well as their mouths in order to keep him safe & healthy. No man could have performed this task, particularly within the time frame required (Daniel 6:16-24).

We know the lions were killers because after Daniel was removed, and when the false accusers were thrown into the den, the lions overpowered all of them and crushed their bones before they reached the floor of the den. Yes, Friend, this was a mighty angel.

Let’s now consider another characteristic of angels. How do they view the many children of God, who are on the way to heaven? If they possessed the jealousy of humans who live in the old sin nature they could resent these beings who will one day enter heaven where they have been these many centuries.

But, that’s not the nature of the angels. Luke (15:10) tells us that the angels of God have great rejoicing over one sinner who repents. One facet of their rejoicing could be over the truth that every person who places their faith in Jesus may be viewed as another needy person who has been rescued by their Sovereign Lord, Jesus Christ, who sacrificed himself by coming to earth for that purpose.

We do sense that every angel loves the Lord Jesus, and that carries over as they love those who trust and rely upon his saving grace.

All doubt regarding the love & adoration of Jesus by the angelic host should be dispelled when we read about the great company of heavenly host who appeared with the angel praising God there on the Jordan hillside when announcing to the shepherds the birth of Jesus. (Luke 2:9-10). In that passage we observe a great joy and excitement over the fact that the time for the mystery of Christ to be revealed had come. We can only speculate how long they had awaited this grand day in heaven.