7758 - The Sustainer


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In our past few studies we have been carefully examining each powerful statement about the Son given in the early verses of Hebrews. God is calling our attention to certain facets about His Son in ways we do not often consider.

Today we want to examine the statement found in verse 3, which tells us that the Son is, “sustaining all things by his powerful word.”

Several thoughts about this phrase deserve consideration.

We have previously commented about the use of the title “Son” in this early part of Hebrews. Of course, this is reference to the Son of God, the glorified Lord Jesus Christ.

These verses give penetrating attention to the position and work of Jesus in His reestablished authority and glory, after completing his servanthood for humanity here on earth.

We have focused some attention upon the Son’s task of creation, which occurred long before he came to earth in human flesh. He Himself is declared by Scripture to be the One who created all things from nothing. There was nothing in the material realm before he created it. The Hebrew uses the term ‘bara’ which is to make from nothing for all of creation, until he made man.

When describing the creation of man three different Hebrew words are used to describe this act. Those words are “bara” - to create from nothing; “Asah” - to make from something; and “yatsar” which means to shape or form. God formed the body of man from the dust of the ground (Gen.2:7); but the intricate inner being of man was created from nothing after the very image of God.

We are told that God created mankind to rule over the creatures of the earth, the sea and the air. Sadly, much of God’s creation was altered by the fall of man as the result of Adam’s yielding to the temptation to sin. Genesis, chapter 3, details some of the changes to which certain creatures were subjected. Even the ground was cursed and began to bring forth thorns & thistles, so that toil and labor was required of man to produce needed food.

Romans (8:19-22) tells us that: The Creation waits in eager expectation for the final cleansing of both man & creatures, that will occur when Christ returns and purifies the earthly domain. This will free creation from the frustration, corruption, and bondage to decay, which was placed upon the earthly realm as a result of sin.

We may understand that sin brought no small change upon creation. Adam and Eve were not the only ones who suffered because of their sin. All of creation has been subjected in some manner or other.

We mention all this because the passage from Hebrews we are considering today tells us that the Son sustains all things by his powerful word.

The Lord Jesus now superintends all of the created universe, so that all of the many intricate portions and components operate and cohere in every detail.

Notice the Son accomplishes this mighty, complicated task by his powerful word.

Hebrews 11:3 tells us that the universe was formed by God’s word, so that same word of the Son keeps the universe operating in the manner He intends.

Colossians (1:17) gives a beautiful word picture when it states, “in him all things hold together.” notice, if Jesus was withdrawn, then the order of the universe would become chaotic.

Our minds cannot comprehend the extent of the Son’s sustaining power. Planets, stars, constellations, oceans, seasons, the laws of nature, even the integrity of atoms and molecules depend upon his sustaining power. Of course, we do not understand how the Son accomplishes all this, but He is God! We are not called upon to understand him, but rather to obey and worship Him; and may we do that with our whole heart, our soul, our mind and our strength.

No small part of his sustaining work is the function he exercises within individual Christians. He it is who lives and works in each of our hearts to give us guidance and direction – even life itself.