7755 - God Spoke


(Original script will not match edited audio completely)

Today we want to explore the idea expressed at the beginning of Hebrews that “God spoke.”

Listen to Hebrews 1:1-2a:

In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son...

Prophets were men chosen by God to speak out the counsel and message of God to mankind. They were the mouth piece of God as they spoke forth the many messages which God had for people throughout Old Testament history.

God spoke at many times and in various ways, showing that God is not an impersonal, hidden God who only speaks occasionally to people.

From the very first, God’s desire was that He would have a personal relationship with His people creatures. Adam was made with a body and soul and human spirit. This human spirit is the place in man, which was designed by God for communion and fellowship with Himself. God’s Spirit would reside there and the relationship was meant to be mutually enjoyable and beneficial.

However, when Adam sinned, he died spiritually. This means that God departed from the throne-room within Adam. This was consistent with the nature of God. He cannot tolerate sin in His presence, so He left Adam.

From that moment forward, the relationship between God and man was very different from what Father God intended. There was no continuing, personal intimacy between people and God.

But God’s nature and character has not changed. He continues to desire a close relationship with people. God desires for men and women to humble themselves and relate to Him. He continues to love people and He desires for people to know of His plan for reconciliation with them.

So, as time moved forward God spoke to people in many separate messages. Each time God was ready to reveal another part of His marvelous plan for people’s lives, He would deliver that element of truth through one of His chosen prophets.

This does not mean that He changed the plan, but that He revealed another facet of His revelation through a different prophet.

For example, he spoke to Israel in one way through Moses, while at a later time. He revealed another window of His plan to Isaiah or Jeremiah or another chosen messenger.

Thus the First Testament revelation was progressive. Because of peoples’ limited understanding, all of God’s plan could not be delivered in one single encounter.

His speaking through the prophets refers to the men who were chosen by God to deliver his Scriptures, which gave glimpses and insight into the coming Messiah, the Christ, the Son of God who would, with His own blood, pay the redemptive price for sin for every person throughout history.

Various pages of his revelation were delivered in the form of law, history, foretelling, a psalm, a parable or any other mode the Lord chose to use. Always He was leading mankind forward in time and completeness; but they were always obliged to wait until the entire plan was in place.

Thus the total plan was a mystery that was kept hidden for ages and generations; but there came the historic time in God’s revelation, here referred to as the last days, in which God spoke to us by His final messenger.

This final revelation of His plan was through His only Son, the very essence of God.

God’s communication through His Son was far superior to the many messages through the prophets. The Son brought to reality the redemption and reconciliation of which the Law was only the type. Now Trinity God may occupy his throne in our hearts through our faith relationship with the Son. Now there is a constant, deep fellowship between God and His children.

How blessed we are to have a patient longsuffering, gentle Father God and Savior Lord, who loves us so supremely. Let us sing His praises.