7596 - Dr. Rodney Woo - Following the Call


An interview with Dr. Rodney Woo, the departing pastor of Wilcrest Baptist Church and the new pastor of the International Baptist Church in Singapore.

Rodney shares about his 18 years as the pastor of Wilcrest Baptist Church, where the church mission statement is “Wilcrest Baptist Church is God’s multi-ethnic bridge that draws all people to Jesus Christ, who transforms them from unbelievers to missionaries!”

This church focus on transforming members to missionaries is church-wide, and now the Lord’s calling to missions has been extended to Rodney as he will be moving with his family to Singapore. There he will be the pastor of another multi-cultural church in an area of the world in great need of evangelism.

Even though Rodney is leaving his church home of so many years, he is thankful that Wilcrest Baptist Church is so supportive in his calling. And while they are going to be missing him greatly, they are also excited he is following the Lord’s call.

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