7589 - David Tate - A Year of Service


This message marks my one-year anniversary of full-time ministry with SONlight.

Exactly one year ago, my wife and I began a new and exciting journey in coming here to SONlight.

I thought that in remembrance I would share a bit of testimony about how the Lord has worked in my life and brought me to serve him here at SONlight full time.

My History (read my bio)
Let me back up a few years first. In 2001 I was a fresh graduate from Houston Baptist University with a degree in Business and Speech Communications. I graduated magna cum laude with a great GPA and a good amount of business experience, but I had the hardest time finding a job.

It was a very stressful time, and it was made even harder because I was engaged to be married only a few short months later. Well, I had a few interviews, but nothing really came through until finally I found a job with a computer company doing phone tech support. That job came at the last moment, I started the Monday before our wedding. Just 5 days before I would need to provide for a wife, who was still in school, the Lord provided a job.

In 2005 though, the Lord really began to make it clear that I would be working at SONlight in the future. I started part time in 2005 as the Technical Director and took care of a lot of the behind the scenes needs here at SONlight for several years.

This was a very difficult time for me as I was working full-time during the day, working evenings at SONlight, and then working evenings and weekends as a wedding photographer to help make ends meet in my families budget. It was hard to work three jobs and still be involved with my three young sons, and serve at church.

We struggled and felt lost. I felt like I was in a dead-end job as I had not gotten promoted or received a substantial raise or anything like that. But the Lord always provided, and He was always in control.

Finally last year, 2009, after we had begun to take some positive steps as a family and really get in tune with what God wanted from us He prepared us for what he had next.

Moving to SONlight Full-Time
Last year we received a letter with some very unsettling financial news. My wife and I hit our knees in prayer and really tried to understand what the Lord was wanting from us in response to this distressing letter. The answer came very clearly to both of us, and we found confirmation in scripture.

Despite the uncertainty of our financial health, the Lord was calling me to quit my job and let go of a steady paycheck in order to serve him full-time at SONlight with a pay that was uncertain at best.

So one year ago, we sought to follow the example of the fishermen that Jesus called to follow Him. We stopped what we are doing, left my old job and its financial assurance behind and we followed Him. We did not look back, and we jumped in with both feet, and I became the Associate Director of SONlight.

Stepping Out in Faith
We stepped out on faith that SONlight would be able to pay me for my service, while my wife continued to homeschool our children. And we are still just depending on His provision for SONlight and for our family.

One year later we can look back and see that the Lord has done a mighty work at SONlight through my available hands. Doors are opening that were not accessible before, and the Lord is continuing to demonstrate that after 33 years He is not done with SONlight.

So now in 2010, I have taken over as the Executive Director of SONlight. My wife and I are thrilled to be serving the Lord as missionaries here with SONlight. Spreading the Good News by radio, and serving the body of Christ.

We see now that the Lord did not allow me to advance at my previous job, because He needed me to not be so attached to it that I would not let go. And he has revealed to me that He puts us in situations where we are not able to be obedient to him, AND be in control.

I let go of the control of the financial provision of my family, and the Lord has been faithful and so far has provided in beautiful and wonderful ways. Things are still financially very uncertain at SONlight, but our faith is in the Lord and His provision. He has always provided, and we are trusting that he will continue to do so for SONlight, and for our family.