7588 - SONlight Update


Since 1977 SONlight has been sharing the gospel and biblical teaching by radio.

Today we will depart from our usual format of bible studies and interviews to bring you an update on this ministry.

SONlight Overview
SONlight began in January of 1977 with the goal of reaching the many hurting and lost people in the world with the good news of the salvation of Jesus Christ through 60 second radio spots. In each of these radio spots the Gospel is shared through a short conversation between two people. These conversations are about every day life events, and each one shares the need for the salvation of Christ and God’s love for us.

Initially these messages were broadcast on just a handful of stations, but all these years later, these 60-Second SONspot messages are played on nearly 1600 traditional radio stations in English and Spanish. About 85% of the stations are non-christian formats.

We estimate that these Gospel presentations are broadcast through radio waves over half a million times every year. With a combined radio time of over 9000 hours annually. And this does not even consider the thousands of internet radio stations that play our messages, many of them as often as once an hour.

5-Minute SONspot Programs
Over the years we have also had a couple of different formats of longer messages. The program you are listening to now is our longer 5-Minute SONspot program. This program is played on over 60 stations and is comprised of Bible-studies and interviews.

The 5-minute Bible-studies strictly follow scripture and as we are now in Luke, that means that we consider each passage in order without skipping around. Each of these Bible studies are also archived on our website ,sonspots.org, in both audio and text formats in case you might want to listen again, or if you missed a message in the series.

Each of the interviews might be with anyone from a layperson with an inspiring testimony, someone in ministry describing the work they are doing and sharing how the Lord is moving in their area. We try to use this 5-minute program as an opportunity to help these individuals share with a wide audience, what the Lord has placed on their heart.

These two types of messages are played in all 50 US states and in over 20 foreign countries.

Network of Stations
We have a wide network of stations and are blessed with the opportunity to reach people in all walks of life through this radio ministry, and we are privileged to have a large audience despite the modest size of SONlight.

Since 1977 SONlight has trusted in the Lord’s financial provision through the generous contributions of listeners and a network of individuals who believe in our mission. We do not ask for money on the radio, nor are we compensated in any way from the radio stations in our network. Each of these radio stations graciously donates the radio time for these messages.

We frequently receive feedback on our website in the feedback section or through the blog section, and we also receive letters and notes in the mail as well. Let me share with you a few short unsolicited testimonies of listeners:

“I was listening to my radio one night on 105.7 in Houston, TX and I decided that I need help in trying to understand the Bible... I don’t read much but I like to hear things about Jesus and am trying to build up my faith and the hope inside of me. I have tried every thing but the more I tried the emptier I feel. Is there hope for me, tell me can I be saved, does Jesus love me. What can I do to make my life right so Jesus hears my prayers.” from a listener in Houston, TX.

My name is Alexis and I am from Honduras... I would like for your to teach me more about God’s love and about his son, Jesus.
I heard a message on the radio and I wrote your address from the program... I want for you to help me have Jesus in my heart when I get out of prison.
from a listener in Nebraska.

If you would like to receive email updates, please sign up at www.sonspots.org/email.  Or, to receive postal mail updates, or to get more involved in SONlight, please contact us online or call us at 713-932-9393.