7562 - David Johnson - Churches in West Africa


An interview with David Johnson, part of the IMB Engagement Team in West Africa, where he works in recruiting coordinating churches to come to the mission field in West Africa.

David has helped survey the West African people groups. It is the 2nd most ethnically diverse region in the world, and there are 1600 different people groups in the West Africa region with 1100 languages.

He shares that a challenge for the IMB is that to make the best use of the limited resources, they can only send individual missionaries to people groups that are more than 100,000 in population. And in the West Africa region more than 79% of the people groups are under 100,000 in population. Because of their small size, the IMB just does not have the resources to reach these micro people-groups

David works from West Africa, researching, surveying, and finding out what kind of Christian presence and influence is in an area, so that the churches that are going to West Africa can have the best knowledge in what where they will be going, and who they will be talking to. Then the churches will get thorough training in the US and in Africa, with the same training and resources as IMB missionaries..

Lastly, David shares an exciting story about one particular churches experience in sharing the gospel with the chief of a village.

To learn more about David Johnson and the opportunities available to churches of many denominations, read Churches Reaching the Unreached in our Interview section or go the IMB’s West Africa website.