7559 - Do You Believe


Audio transcript

In our study of the First Letter of John we are now in chapter 5. This is one of the most forthright passages in the Bible regarding God’s appeal to people to surrender their will, to accept God’s testimony about His Son Jesus, and by faith receive a new life in a new relationship.

So, today let’s look at 1 John 5, verse 10 which reads, “Anyone who believes in the Son of God has this testimony in his heart. Anyone who does not believe God has made him out to be a liar, because he has not believed the testimony God has made about his Son.”

Notice that two groups of people are differentiated clearly in this passage. The first is made up of all those people who have heard and believed God’s testimony about Jesus Christ, his Son.

The second group is comprised by all those people who have heard God’s testimony regarding His Son and then refused to yield their will, all those who stubbornly rejected the message from God. These are the two groups under the spotlight.

Now what does God’s Word say about each group?

Notice again, the first group are those who believe in the Son of God. They have heard God’s testimony. Some of them have examined the evidence at great length before yielding to the grace gift afforded by Jesus. Others have had their hearts stimulated and thrilled by the good-news message and responded right away.

The issue is not how thoroughly or how much time such a person has given to the search for truth, but the outcome is what’s important. And when someone places their faith in Jesus then their heart resonates with the joy of the testimony in their heart.

Let me share from a missionary newsletter the experience of a young woman who lives in a country in the 10/40 Window.

She was raised in the majority religion of her country. She married a Christian but was still tormented inside by the sin of marrying outside of her religion. One day she discovered the Bible. She read a few passages in the New Testament, which touch her deeply. The were about love – “...love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you...”

Then she found a passage that spoke of Jesus dying on a cross. Here are her words to describe what happened: “When I read this my heart melted. I saw the cruelty and indifference of humanity towards Jesus and all the attention and love of our Lord for the men, in spite of the suffering, which He endured. I prayed in the name of Jesus our Lord and I felt in my heart such incomprehensible joy and peace! My life changed then and continued to change.”

This young woman’s life was changed and her heart was filled with the joy and peace given to her by Jesus. Her faith in Jesus was the necessary act to bring her forgiveness for sin and new life in Jesus. Now she freely shares the testimony, which God has deposited in her heart with those God brings along her path.

Now for the second group. This verse tells us that anyone who does not believe the testimony, which God has given regarding His Son has actually called God a liar. Those are pretty harsh words for the God who never lies and who cannot be tempted to do evil. Notice again, that there are people who have heard the good-news testimony. Their ears have heard; their mind has considered; and for some reason they have rejected the truth. The reason for rejection differs from person to person, but the root cause is rebellious independence. Analyze the scene and you will see they feel they know more than God.

A second fact that follows is, they are saying by implication that, “I’m not afraid of God. I’m willing to face the consequence.” The thought makes me shudder. Any man should quake about going head-to-head with God. The outcome is certain. To persist in this sin brings eternal suffering and pain.
The important question is, “Do you believe?”