7556 - Robin Ullrich - Ministry Family


An interview with Robin Ullrich about her work as a missionary and a mother of 4 kids in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Robin was originally trained as a nurse, and is now a teacher at a private christian school in Bulgaria. She shares how she and her husband Scott have created a Christian foundation of discipline and love for their children.

She currently teaches math and science to middle school children, and although the faculty and staff are Christian, the students themselves are from a variety of primarily non-Christian backgrounds. Many of the students may come from all over the world; former communist countries, embassy employees, mafia members and other international businesses.

Outside of the classroom, Robin and Scott are reaching out to other Bulgarian people, and Robin shares briefly about the interactions with two local adults.

Only about 1% of the population of Bulgaria claim to be of an evangelical faith, and Robin and her husband are working hard to reach to more of the Bulgarian people. They are trying to expose the people to a biblical world view and to show that the Bible has answers for everyday problems, and is ultimately Jesus is the only one that can bring true satisfaction and peace.

Since Bulgaria joined the European Union in 2007, there are now more spiritual freedoms in the country, but that freedom has not yet brought about large spiritual growth.

To read more about the ministry of Robin and Scott Ullrich and their work in Bulgaria, view their profile page through Send International, where you can also view prayer requests and contact Scott and Robin.