7543 - Greg Queen - Reaching People Groups in West Africa


An interview with Greg Queen, Sub Sahara Africa Connector for the IMB (International Mission Board). He and his family formerly served in Dakar, Senegal, as career missionaries heading up an engagement team that assisted churches in partnering with unreached people groups.

Greg discusses his new role in coordinating church involvement with unreached people groups in West Africa.

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The IMB is moving towards transforming from just sending out individuals to facilitating churches reaching out themselves. Greg shares that there are over 1600 unreached people groups in West Africa, and that it is one of the most diverse areas of the world, with over 1100 languages spoken. 80% of the unreached people groups in this area are categorized as “micro people groups”, having less than 100,000 members.

The end-vision is to get churches involved in starting churches among the unreached people groups. Greg facilitates churches using their specific skills to reach these people in West Africa. He works with two levels of church involvement: engaging and partnering churches. The partnering churches will work with other churches to reach a people group in a collaborative way.

Greg also shares the exciting story of a convert from the very first trip a church made to West Africa.

To learn more about Greg Queen and the opportunities available to churches of many denominations, read Churches Reaching the Unreached in our Interview section or go the IMB’s West Africa website.