7528 - Karl Bannert - Serbian Mission


An interview with Karl Bannert about his work as a missionary in Serbia.

Karl, his wife Julie, and their family have served as missionaries in Serbia for over 8 years, and have raised their family there. Karl was formerly a general contractor building houses, and now he and his wife are daily trying to share God’s love to the Serbian’s through daily activities and witness.

He is now helping to pastor a small home church in Serbia, and in the summer of 2009 he ran a christian youth camp with almost 200 people over the course of 4 weeks, and out of those attending, over 20 turned their lives over to Christ. Rick teamed up with some local organizations and Child Evangelism Fellowship to put these camps together.

Serbia has roots in the orthodox church, and Julie and Karl Bannert are striving to get people to understand that a personal relationship with God is necessary. Join them in prayer for the people of Serbia to come to personal salvation through Jesus.

To read more about the ministry of Karl and Julie Bannert and their work in Serbia, read their short profile on IMB Europe or visit pray4serbs.org for more information about the Bannert’s mission to Serbia and how to get involved.