7526 - Rick Leatherwood - Witchcraft


An interview with Rick Leatherwood about his work as a missionary in Liberia, and the frequent obstacle of witchcraft.

Rick and his wife have been on the mission field for 25 years, and Rick shares that one of the great oppressions on the field in Africa is with witchcraft. He shares about how frequently the practice of this witchcraft activity will lead to the murder and mutilation of children.

As Rick states, “Africa is not going to move forward until this issue is dealt with, human sacrifice... What we’re looking at here is not just in Liberia... the center of the worldview of Africa is witchcraft, and until this is changed, Africa will not be able to move ahead.”

Rick share how he is working with the people to drive witchcraft out of the society by choosing righteousness instead of pursuing witchcraft practices.

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