7523 - Love Made Complete


Audio transcript

Join us for a study in Gods Word today.

We have been greatly blessed in our recent studies of those verses in 1 John 4 which speak to us about love — God’s and ours. Today let’s talk about “Love Made Complete.” This thought comes from verse 12. Listen:

“No one has ever seen God; but if we love each other, God lives in us and His love is made complete in us.”

Do you like to cook? Perhaps you like to eat? Well, neither the cook nor the gourmet is particularly blessed when a cake or a batch of cookies are removed from the oven before they are done. You know the scene. The cake is like a sponge and the middle is still uncooked dough. The process of cooking has not been finished. The goal has not been accomplished.

We might conclude in keeping with this illustration and from this verse that God often looks down upon His children and He sees that the process of maturity in Christ has not been completed in some of His children. His goal of bringing us to be like Jesus has not yet been accomplished in many lives. How can He tell? Because as He views us He sees that His love is not yet perfected or made complete in us.

As God views His children He may see selfishness or self-centeredness evidenced in some lives.

Yet, we know from Romans 8 (v29) that God’s purpose is that His children are to be conformed to the likeness of His Son Jesus. Each of us is in the process of being shaped or molded into the image of Jesus Christ.

Its interesting that this verse is introduced by the truth that no one has ever seen God. That alerts us to the truth that what God keeps watch over within His children is not seen with the eyes. God is not looking for some material evidence of the maturity of His children. He’s not pre-eminently interested in our human appearance.

That may help us to comprehend that when God sends a very special person to earth in a body unlike most people, He didn’t made a mistake. Rather He chose this person to be very special. He enrolls them so to speak, in an advanced curriculum. God’s test for such a person is: “How will they respond to me through this special situation? Will they trust me? Will they have faith that my nature of love is directed to them just as it is to every other person?”

So God’s attention is directed to the character, which we permit Him to shape and build within each of us; and in every person, even those special people He’s shaping us to be like Jesus.

Friend, let us remember that Jesus is the very image of the invisible God (Col. 1:15). That was true while Jesus was here on earth, and it has been eternally true of Him in heaven. God is not pre-occupied with shaping us to “look” like Jesus; but rather, He is shaping us to ‘be’ like Jesus — to have the character of Jesus; to act like Jesus. This is an inside job since God the Son, Jesus, actually lives in and through us as our Lord. Our obedience determines the progress of maturity.

So God keeps checking how the process is coming along; and one of the main signs He’s looking for is the outward evidence of His supernatural, sacrificial love to be seen in our relationships at all times.

So friend, its profitable for God’s children to be careful students of His Word — the Bible; because by studying the Bible we learn about the very nature of God. Then we may more conscientiously desire and ask for God to perfect His nature within us. That will mean that He will keep carving and molding us into the image of His love. May the process be completed, finished. May His goal be accomplished — that we exhibit the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is God, to those He brings across our path.