7515 - The Source of Love


Audio transcript

We now come to 1 John 4:7 in our study. This verse begins one of the most revealing passages in the Bible regarding love.

I will read 1 John 4:7 and then we can extend our discussion.

“Dear friend, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.”

Listen, the word “love” in this passage, in every case, comes from the root word “agape” in the Greek.

Let me explain the four commonly used words expressing some idea of love in the Greek language. Two of these, namely: “storge” which carries the idea of family affection, and “eros”, which was used for a sensual, possessive love, never appears in the New Testament. Another word: “phileo”, was used in Greek literature to express friendship, and is the most commonly used word for love in prebiblical Greek; however, the Greek noun “agape” and its verb form “agapao” is the most frequently used word to express love in the New Testament.

It seems God used the writers of the New Testament to give a new emphasis to this word, because in Greek literature it was seldom used, but in the New Testament it is the word most often used to express love.

The concept of love was radically upgraded in the minds of men by God’s expression of His love to mankind through His Son, Jesus Christ. “Agape” expresses a love given because of the nature of the one extending love. The love extended may not even be merited by the one receiving this love. It’s an unselfish love, a sacrificial love.

“Agape” was used by God’s writers to express levels of love previously unknown to mankind. It is God’s nature to be “agape” loving.

Furthermore, as Jesus talked about entering the Kingdom of God, He told the people that they should seek to enter the narrow gate, which leads to the narrow road of abundant and eternal life, rather than the wide gate leading to the broad road that leads to destruction. Jesus commented that few are those who travel the narrow road. Few are the people who understand about “agape” love, and who receive His love which was expressed through the life, death & resurrection of Jesus Christ. Just think, God, whose nature is love, who offers His love to helpless, hopeless people living in the darkness of sin, finds that a majority of people reject His offer. They choose rejection rather than love, death rather than life. How deluded they are as they listen to Satan’s lies instead of responding to God’s loving mercy.

This verse also tells us that “agape” love comes from God. He’s the very source of unselfish, sacrificial love.

Consider that God’s “agape’ love has been and is presently being continually poured out on those people who are citizens of the Kingdom of the World. Just think, the condition of those people is certainly not so attractive to God as to deserve His love. Yet God stands with open arms and woos these people to come anyway. He says, “come and be washed in the red blood of my Son Jesus; then your black sins will be washed away and you will be as white as snow. Now friend, that’s sacrificial love in action.

The verse also instructs those who have experienced this love to reach out to others with this same love – to pass it on to encourage and enrich the lives of others

This passage tells us that those who do this have indeed been born of God, and are intimately linked with Him.

God is the source and it never runs dry.