7513 - From God


Audio transcript

We rejoice when you join us to study a portion of God’s Word.

In our last study we explored 1 John 4:5 which gives a very clear but sobering view of the people who are from the World System. They are from the world and speak the language of the worldly culture.

Today we examine the contrast found in the very next verse 1 John 4, verse 6. Listen as I read:

“We are from God, and whoever knows God listens to us; but whoever is not from God does not listen to us. This is how we recognize the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of falsehood.”

Notice, the people upon whom attention is focused in this verse are people who are from God. This is not talking about angelic beings, but actually relates to those human beings who at one time were subjects of Satan and were included in the Kingdom of the World; but whose eyes were opened to their condition of being lost and living in darkness, and they responded positively to the Good News of Jesus Christ and became members of His family.

These are the people focused upon in the verse for today. Right up front it tells us these are people from God.

We are also told that “whoever knows God listens to us.” We can listen to John and to other members of the family because we speak a common language. The language has a complete and adequate spiritual vocabulary, because the Kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom. We can understand the depth of what is said without a translator.

The language in which this passage was originally written depicts a progressive, growing relationship. It pictures one who is habitually advancing by recognizing God more fully as his Christian life unfolds. Friend, this is not a static relationship, but a dynamic, continuation of growth throughout life.

Then this verse tells us that one who is not a member of God’s family does not hear us. If they do not understand the language how can they pay attention and continue to listen. 1 Corinthians (2:14) gives insight into this truth by telling us that the man without the Holy Spirit does not have spiritual discernment so he cannot understand spiritual things. Its a foreign language to him.

This verse closes out six verses in which John is seeking to bring the church, which is made up of individuals, to an awareness that the world is at war with God’s kingdom. In addition John seeks to give to Christians the spiritual testing criterion by which they can be sure which side is on the offensive at any time.

In this passage he is adamant that how certain people or groups accept or reject the Good News regarding Jesus Christ is a clear test as to which force in the battle they are aligned – the forces of falsehood or the forces of truth.

Let us point out that God does not desire for any to perish as members of the Kingdom of the World (2 Peter 3:9). God is longsuffering. He continues to hold out the invitation to everyone that they may indeed be reconciled with Holy God. Then they become citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom.

No one enters the forces of truth by physical birth. Every member of the family of God who has come through the earthly sphere has entered the ranks of Christian soldiers by a choice of their will to repent of sin and to ask Jesus Christ to be their Savior & Lord. Then they follow Him obediently to remain under His blessings. So we must love the enemy, pray for them and live so as to reach out with truth in the power of the Holy Spirit. In this way others may willfully leave the forces of evil and become children of imputed righteousness.