7507 - Rick Leatherwood - Oral Bible


An interview with Rick Leatherwood about his work in Liberia working creating oral bibles in the languages of the local population.

Rick and his wife have been on the mission field for 25 years, and Rick shares that one of the great needs on the mission field is that many of the unreached people of the world are not literate, and thus are unable to read the Bible in their language.

In Liberia there are 16 different people groups with 16 different languages. Perhaps 2% were reading 40-50 years ago, but even after many literacy programs in Liberia over those years, the current literacy rates have only risen to about 5%.

These poor literacy rates have brought significant challenges on the field, and of the solutions that is being utilized, is the embracing of the oral-traditions of these people groups. Rick is currently working towards writing and translating 60 stories from creation to the return of Christ into these languages as an “oral bible”.

These stories are used in conjunction with a Saber hand wound digital player to present these audio stories in the listeners “heart language”

Saber hand wound audio player

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